Anupam Mittal net worth, Age, Family 

Anupam Mittal net worth

Anupam Mittal is the CEO and founder of Before we go into the question of Anupam Mittal net worth, we should point out that he is well known for being the matchmaker on Shark Tank India, the most popular OTT show in India. The show’s most enquiring (but entertaining) shark is without a doubt, Mittal. Before dedicating his mind to the operations at his creation,, Mittal had found a few additional businesses, back when the startup world was still in its infancy. 

Anupam Mittal’s Biography

Age50 years
Date of Birth23rd December 1971
ParentsGopal Krishna Mittal &Bhagwatidevi Mittal
WifeAnchal Kumar
Networth15000 crore
HometownMumbai, India

The Anupam Mittal Net worth:

His appearance on the Kapil Sharma show has become one of the top searches. Also, it was the team of THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW that revealed the net worth of Anupam Mittal to be round about Rs 15000 crore. 

Although has enjoyed success since its launch. This network did not just appear overnight. According to the collected data, Anupam Mittal has invested in 65 companies. And the most interesting thing about all the companies he invested in were the startups. Being both an individual and an Angel –investor who provides capital in exchange for a portion of a company’s stock or royalties –Mittal has a variety of income sources that have propelled his net worth with significant year-over-year growth. 

Talking about his role in the shark tank India was an angel investor role. 

Anupam Mittal: A shark in India before the shark tank: 

Anupam Mittal could have been identified as a shark before coming to Shark Tank India. Mittal is part of a boat racing team according to his Twitter post. The name of the racing team is Team Sharks. 

Nowadays Anupam Mittal appears on the Shark Tank television show as a judge broadcasted on Sony TV from Monday to Friday. He is one of the most successful businesses person in India also known for his good looks. During his spare time, he likes to work out in a gym. Anupam appears to be in good shape even at the age of 50. 

The height of Anupam is 5 feet 7 inches and the weight of his body is about 75kg. To keep his body in shape, Anupam takes a nutrient-rich diet. 

Age, Family, and education of Anupam Mittal: 

Anupam was born in 1971 on 23rd December. He did his graduation from Boston College USA. He contributed to operations and strategic management from 1994-1997. 

Wife and kids of Anupam Mittal: 

In 2013 Anupam Mittal tied a knot with the famous model Aanchal Kumar in Rajasthan. They both have a baby girl name, Alyssa Mittal. The father of Anupam Mittal is Hari Mittal who is a civil servant of the Indian government. This was the reason Hari Mittal had to move to different places across India. 

The career of Anupam Mittal: 

Anupam joined multiple businesses after the completion of his MBA. He worked on,, Mauj mobile app, and people picture. Also, he is the founder of H2 India. Moreover, he holds a place in mobile association and the internet of India.

He is the founder of a mobile company name InMobi. Also, he is the founder of AppLab which had been acquired by google for 1.3 billion dollars in 2008. This was founded by him in 2007. Bu 2017 the company has raised 700 million dollars. 

Property and net worth: 

The overall net worth of Anupam Mittal has been estimated to be RS 15000 crore. Anupam lives a luxurious lifestyle and enjoys life. 

Honors and achievements:

Talking about the success and achievements of Anupam Mittal, he has placed his name in the top 50 businesses man in India. Also, he has been listed as an icon of the digital ecosystem in the list of 100 people by the impact of digital power. 

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Anupam Mittal net worth, Age, Family 

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