Explore wonderful Basho valley Pakistan

Basho valley Pakistan

There are some hidden mountains in Skardu where Basho Valley Pakistan lies. It is a wonderful and eye-catching valley of Skardu Pakistan. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the complete information including the history, location, and beauty of Basho Valley. Also, we will discuss the reason why you should visit Basho valley. 

It is almost one and a half hours away from Skardu. The best part of this valley is that it is covered with an evergreen forest of different species and trickling streams. The addition of greenery makes it a part of paradise. Even in the summer season, the mountainous peaks are covered with whitish snow. 

Location of Basho Valley Pakistan

In the Baltistan region, this valley is located. In the NAS of Pakistan, This valley ascends from the southern side at an altitude of 2150 m above sea level from the Indus River. to the peak of Banak La. It is situated in the westernmost part of the Himalayas range. Between the rugged and the semi-arid region, the Basho Valley lies.

Whether of Bashu Valley Pakistan

Bashu Valley is found within the rain shadow of the Himalayas. The average rainfall recorded there is between 100 and 200 mm. the temperature recorded in the summer season is almost 30-35 degrees, while it is said to be 25 degrees in winter. 

Map of Bashu Valley Pakistan

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How does Basho Valley become the top travel destination in Skardu? 

The most common question that rises in every Pakistani tourist’s mind is how did Basho Valley become the top travel destination in Skardu? Some of the best places and reasons are found in the Basho Valley, which takes it to the top of the list of tourist spots in Pakistan. The best places to visit in Basho Valley are 

  • Basho meadows
  • Chocolate rock Basho
  • Basho waterfall Skardu 

Basho meadows Skardu

It takes 3.5 hours to travel from Skardu to Basho meadows Skardu. Basho meadow is a greenish lush land. Also, it is the source of life for Basho people to place their cattle.

This grassland is the area where the locals locate their cattle. In the summer, the locals of Basho move their cattle temporarily to Basho meadows. It is the only lifeline for their sheep, cows, and goats. The earnings of these locals come from farming, butter, and other natural sources. 

Basho Valley is the most magnificent place in Skardu. This valley is the NEVER TO MISS tourist spot of Gilgit Baltistan. Availability of music, camping, and organic food are abundant. 

Chocolate Rock Basho

Chocolate Rock is next to the doorway bridge in Basho Valley. It is a 2-hour drive from Skardu. This rock has a very distinctive appearance of chocolate. This also shines like a roc of chocolate. 

The tag of chocolate given to it is due to its chocolate appearance of it. 

Basho Waterfall

The Bashu waterfall is also located next to the gateway of Bashu Valley Pakistan. It is adjacent to the chocolate rock. It must be clear that it is not a natural waterfall. But the view of this waterfall is astonishing apart from its artificial nature.

Famous spots in Basho Valley

Due to the roughness of the route, it has been a hidden valley for many Pakistanis and foreigners as well. Some famous spots found in Basho Valley are;

  • Basho forest
  • Basho valley river
  • Basho guest house
  • Exploring the Basho valley forest

I can warn you, Basho valley is the place that can take your breath away by amazing you. You will go back to the valley, again and again, to close up the beauty in your eyes once again. It’s indeed a magical valley. 

Nothing can beat the wake up at Basho valley when you open your eyes and found yourself in a magical heavenly valley. I must mention again that it is not too far from Skardu city. It is a valley surrounded by forest and pine trees. 

You should explore the forests in Basho valley that goes on and on. In between the juniper forest, you can see the running streams. Moreover, wild animals and dangers are not found in the lower region. Therefore you can reach the waterfall easily if you are an experienced trekker. 

Ice Cave

You will see the glacial ice rocks under huge rocks if you move upstream. It is called a cave by the locals of the area. You might see ice and feel ice-cold once you get into the rock. In the summer season, less amount of ice can be seen. 

10 reasons to plan your trip to Basho valley:

  • The breathtaking views
  • Plenty of outdoor adventures
  • Rich history and culture
  • Affordable travel destination
  • Unforgettable destination
  • Peaceful environment
  • Lovely people
  • Stunning lakes
  • Beautiful meadows and plateaus
  • Cold deserts of Skardu and shigar

Accommodation in Basho Valley

You can stay at the forest department guest houses located over there. There are only two guest houses belonging to the forest department which you can book for yourself. Still, running water and electricity are not available. 

Take some blankets and electricity material with you if you are planning for a Basho valley trip. You must take along sleeping bags if you plan camping at Basho valley. 

What to pack

The weather condition in sultanabad starts from a warm pleasant day to a cold chilling night. Therefore keep shawls and sweaters for the day and prefer coats for the evening. 

Pack coats if your tour is going to be longer. Also some warm clothes and sweaters. In July, it might rain for a week or longer. And at the time of rain, the weather is as cold as winter. On sunny days you can be comfortable in shawls and sweaters only. 

Things to do in Basho Valley

Basho valley is 2-3 hours away from Skardu city in a jeep. The road however is bumpy but exciting. The wonderful thing is to spend a few hours at Basho. Also, you can do some activities on your trip such as

  • Lunch and picnic at Basho valley
  • Camping
  • Explore Basho valley
  • Fishing
  • Trekking

Wi-Fi and connectivity

Specific the Basho valley has only SCOM signals. There isn’t any mobile connectivity at sultanabad. One can hike outside the village to place a call and get some signals on the screen of a mobile phone. The only connectivity in this valley is mobile cards for which you have to visit the local’s houses. 

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Explore wonderful Basho valley Pakistan

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