Best Turkish drama on Netflix

Best Turkish drama on Netflix

Turkish dramas got so popular in the back few years. And all the credit goes to Netflix which entertains us with such a thrilling and loving drama without showing any advertisements.

If we look at the past decade, Netflix has been releasing a Turkish season each month. Which kept the audience entertained. It might be difficult for you to scroll through the whole Netflix just to find out the best Turkish drama. Therefore we thought to do this difficult task and make it easy for you to find out the best one.

The best Turkish series:

Black money love:

Black money love is a Turkish drama series based on 164 episodes. The thrilling story of the drama is based on the love bond of Omar and Elif. It also includes their secrets and ambitions. Omer is a police officer who wants to learn the truth regarding the suspected murder of his fiancée, who committed suicide.


The main character of the drama “Omar” suffers a lot after the death of his finance Sibel. The body of Sibel was found on the top of the cliff. Omer realized there is something suspicious behind the clear murder of his fiance. From that moment Omar decided to do everything to find the exact reason behind his fiance’s murder and will prove that she didn’t cheat him. On the other hand, Elif, the middle child of Ahmet and Zerrin’s three daughters, loses her father in a murder in which his body was discovered in the same automobile as Omar’s fiance. Also, Elfi was threatened by a man to clear all debts and return the diamonds her father had which Elif was totally unaware of. When Elif came to know that her father was really involved in the industry of the black money market, she got involved with Omar and they both decided to reach the person who was responsible for all this mess. Later on, they came to know about the mess-creating man who was actually Elif’s uncle. Uncle is always one step ahead of Elif and Omar.


There are 164 episodes of black money love on Netflix which can be easily viewed and enjoyed by the audience. Because the series is on Netflix, therefore it does not contain any kind of ads or else due to which the series is made more entertaining and thrilling.


The black money love Turkish series has been divided into two seasons having many equal episodes which are equally thrilling and suspicious.

How does the season end?

When Elif comes out and observes several individuals dragging an elderly man into their car, she summons Omer to investigate. The series closes as our love birds go to save the old man while holding hands.
Characters of black money love:
Black money love is an interesting Turkish drama having different characters. Some have the same and some have different points of view. You will see each character behaving differently and will enjoy each of them.

Güler Ökten as Elvan Demir:

Burhan’s spouse. The Demirs are held together by the adhesive. She embodies serenity and goodness.
Engin Akyürek as Ömer Demir:
Omar is the one who plays the character of the protagonist in the series. He is a police officer by profession in the play for whom his family and job are everything.
Burak Tamdoğan as Hüseyin Demir:
The oldest son of Burah and Elvan; Omer’s elder brother, and has practically taken on the role of father to him.

Elif İnci as Melike Demir:

Huseyin’s daughter. She is shown to be obsessed with wealth and money. Elif and Omer were getting married, and she didn’t even stop stealing from their house until she was caught. She later works for Denizer’s company.
Hassan Demir:
Huseyin’s son.
Burhan Demir Jr:
Huseyin’s son with his second wife, Svetlana.
Aytaç Arman as Ahmet Denizer:
This is the most interesting character that shows himself as a businessman but is money lounderer and a big criminal In real means.

Nebahat Çehre as Zerrin Denizer:

She is a high-standard arrogant woman .she is demanding, rude and bossy as well. But she is a rarity in this series clean from secrets.

Hazal Türesan as Aslı Denizer:

She is the elder one of the three daughters of Ahmet and Zerrin. She likes dramas and is a bit hyper. Initially, she was shown to have some psychological problems. She is married to Taner and they have a kid named Can.

Tuba Büyüküstün as Elif Denizer:

This is the female protagonist of the drama who is a businesswoman and a jeweller. She is her love centre of Omar. She is a responsible sister and is ready to do anything to protect her family from evil. watch here

Bestemsu Özdemir as Nilüfer Denizer:

She’s the most spilt and the youngest of the Denizer sisters. When Fateh kidnaps Elif and Nilufer, a weird relationship develops between them, beginning with Stockholm syndrome and changing the direction of the narrative over time. Without Fateh and Nilufer, the series would have been pretty boring.

Işıl Yücesoy as Nedret Denizer:

A pure evil and a good aunt. The viewers get shocked when she appears from nowhere and take hold of the house and the business. Her dark realities are revealed later.

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Best Turkish drama on Netflix

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