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Viral Post Uses Altered Audio of Interview with Greta Thunberg

Quick Take In a 2022 BBC interview, Greta Thunberg recounted the story of how she got started in environmental activism. However, a recent social media video purports to show that Thunberg advocated for the use of “vegan grenades” and eco-friendly military weaponry by misleadingly editing the audio from that interview. The modified film was first […]

FactChecking the Fourth GOP Primary Debate

Summary The following topics were discussed by the candidates in the final Republican presidential primary debate of 2023, including legal immigration, gender-affirming surgery, and more: Former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley made selective comments that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used to argue she was not against “gender mutilation for minors.” According to Haley, […]

Taylor Swift Film Is Being Screened in Israel, Contrary to Online Post

Quick Take While some celebrities responded to the Israel-Hamas war with statements, a social media video circulated a false report that pop star Taylor Swift had stopped showing her new movie in Israel. However, it was showtime schedule technical issues that gave the impression that screenings were not available in Israel. The movie is still […]

Trump’s False Claim That U.S. Military Moving to Electric Tanks

In his rally speeches, former President Donald Trump has added a new claim to his repertoire: the Biden administration is switching the military to all-electric tanks. For Trump, the attack line is a trifecta: he is making the military appear “woke,” weakening President Joe Biden’s defense position, and making fun of Biden’s green energy initiatives. […]

COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy Is Safe, Has Multiple Benefits

SciCheck Digest Pregnant individuals are better protected from severe COVID-19 by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccinations can also lower a baby’s early hospitalization risk from COVID-19 when administered during pregnancy. Contrary to claims made on social media and online, a new study strengthens the evidence that vaccinations given to pregnant women are safe for […]

Trump’s Latest Election Fraud Spin

Former President Donald Trump made the deceptive claim that 3,600 illegally duplicated ballots were counted in Atlanta’s Fulton County during the 2020 presidential election in his most recent election fraud spin. He’s talking about news stories from months ago about mistakes that were made during an audit, not the official vote count. When state investigators […]

Dozens of Children Died in Hamas’ Oct. 7 Attack on Israel, Contrary to Online Claim

Quick Take International authorities have confirmed that at least 29 children perished in Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on Israel. But a video that purports to show that children weren’t killed in the attack in Israel has been making the rounds on the internet, citing a post that was taken down by the World Jewish Congress. […]

What’s in the Ethics Report on George Santos?

Rep. George Santos of New York “placed his desire for private gain above his duty to uphold the Constitution, federal law, and ethical principles,” according to a 56-page report released by the House Committee on Ethics’ investigative subcommittee on Nov. 16. “A complex web of unlawful activity involving Representative Santos’ campaign, personal, and business finances […]

No Evidence of Link Between U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Increase and COVID-19 Vaccines

SciCheck Digest The U.S. infant mortality rate increased by 3% between 2021 and 2022, according to a recent federal report. This is the first statistically significant increase in 20 years. Although the exact reason for the increase is unknown, some social media posts falsely claim that COVID-19 vaccination is to blame. Full Story According to […]

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