Did we evolve from apes or monkeys? Did Darwin say that humans came from monkeys? 

Did we evolve from apes or monkeys

If we ask someone about the evolution of Charles Darwin’s contribution to science, we probably get the answer that Charles was an English naturalist who discovered that monkeys turned out to be human beings. But that is so confusing. It’s hard to think for anyone how a human could have been monkey? The first question that comes to mind after hearing Charles’s theory is did we evolve from apes or monkeys? This article will surely help you to get you the answer about this confusing evolution of monkeys into a human. Also, we will let you know whether true or just a myth is. So keep reading the article. 

The Descent of man: 

The descent of man was the second published work of Charles Dicken in 1871. In his work, he applied the ideas from the origin of species to the evolution of humans. On March 22 of that year, a well-known cartoon that featured the scientist’s head on an ape’s body was debuted. It was adopted by many others but one year earlier in Spain, in 1870, the label of Ans Del Mono (monkey ans) a spirit still consumed today, first appeared. It featured a picture of an ape with a human head. Perhaps Darwin himself? Holding a scroll of paper with the words ”it’s the best. Science said as much, and I am not lying”.

Not only even Darwin proposes that humans evolved to be monkeys. Still, the work of this father of science is misunderstood by people even 150 years later. Any ideas are directly or indirectly associated with his work. The contribution of Darwin did not impress science. Therefore it is still not mentioned in many science books. In another book, he described Galapagos in detail which is mentioned in many science and naturalism books. The fact may surprise you that this origin of human evolution is not even mentioned in the first edition of the origin of species. He closes the book with the two words ”to evolve”

Misunderstanding of evolution: 

Unfortunately, many people have misunderstood evolution and the reason for misunderstanding evolution is the research flaws or unorganized research. Some are simply misunderstood ideas that however helped out in the studies to understand evolution. Furthermore, the misrepresentation of the research about evolution made people hold their heads cause of confusion. 

Misconception about the evolution theory:

  • Evolution is the theory about the origin of life.
  • The theory says that life revolves around chance 
  • Evolution occurs slowly.
  • Humans cannot influence evolution because this is a slow process.
  • Genetic drift occurs only in a small population.
  • Humans are not evolving currently.

Misunderstanding about natural adoption and selection: 

  • Organisms get what they need through natural selection.
  • An ecosystem cannot be affected negatively by humans because species revolve around what they need to survive. 
  • Natural selection acts for the betterment of species. 
  • The fittest organism is the fastest, healthiest, and longest one.
  • Natural selection is about the survival of a fit species or population. 

Misunderstanding of evolutionary theory: 


Evolution is the theory of life’s origin 


Although the origin of life such as whether they occurred close to a deep sea vent or whether organic, compounds appeared first, etc. are discussed in evolutionary theory, this is not their primary concern. 

Most biologists still deal with the origin of life. They do not think about how life started and how it branched afterward. Most studies are still carried out on this process. 


According to evolution, life evolved and is still evolving at random or by chance. 


Randomness and chances do matter in the evolution of life. But many mechanisms of evolution are not random due to which the whole process gets nonrandom. However, the process of mutation is random complex adoption that evolved during many mutations and nonrandom selection. Ignore half of the picture to say that evolution occurs by chance. 

Did Darwin say that humans came from monkeys?

In the book, ”the descent of man” 1871 Charles Darwin’s represented that apes and human beings have a common ancestor. (Reference ) Darwin did not say that human beings have directly evolved from apes or monkeys. Even though he highlighted some other species as well such as birds, fish, mammals, and many more to relate their life or habits. This implies that through a variety of genetic mutations, all complex life forms developed from simpler ones. 

Years after Darwin’s death, scientific data from the 20th century has gone on to mainly support his views. The discovery of DNA acid helped scientists to keep out research on the evolution of life through slow genetic changes over the year. 

Supporting evidence for Darwin’s theory: 

The following evidence supports Darwin’s theory in one or another way. Morphological similarities like 

  • Vertebral column 
  • Pentadactyl limbs
  • The similarity in gene sequences in apes and humans
  • Comparison among the fossils of the era

 Conflict with religion: 

Darwin’s theory had always been a conflict with religion. This is because religion contradicts creationism. The faith that life originated and changed with the divine creations claimed in all religions. 

Turkey scrapped the theory of evolution from their textbooks in 2017. They claimed that the topic of evolution is advanced for high school students. The heads of Turkish education stated that this will make students unable to understand even the basics of science. 

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Why is it not correct to say that evolution means we came from monkeys?

It is not correct to say that humans evolved from monkeys because many other theories tell about the origin of life and humanism. The digestive system of the frog is the same as a human. Can anyone conclude that humans evolved from frogs or frogs evolved from a human? This theory is nothing else than a myth. Monkeys and humans may look similar but it does not mean we evolved from them. How can that be possible? And if it is true so then why not this evolution occur in the present era? Have you ever seen a monkey giving birth to a human baby or a human giving birth to a monkey? The answer is no. 

Did we evolve from apes or monkeys? Did Darwin say that humans came from monkeys? 

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