Houston trucking accident Attorney

Houston trucking accident Attorney

Whatever the cause of the Houston truck accident, you will have a difficult time battling the shipping firm and insurance companies. Because of this, you need a Houston trucking accident Attorney lawyer fighting for you in your cause.

Major accidents happen often in Houston nowadays as a result of the increasing number of commercial vehicles on our highways. A truck accident may be traumatic for victims and their families, whether it involves a huge 18-wheeler, a tractor-trailer, or a delivery truck like a UPS, FedEx, or Amazon truck.

Our company has expanded to multiple sites around the nation since opening its headquarters in Houston, Texas, in 1999. These include hubs in Dallas, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Along the process, we have established a reliable network of all 50 states’ partners that uphold our principles and are dedicated to excellence.

How much is my Houston truck accident lawsuit worth?

We routinely are asked the question. Fortunately, our Houston truck accident attorneys are available to assist in providing a response. Just give us a call for a FREE case evaluation, and we’ll handle the rest!

Truck accidents are expensive, even though no two truck accident cases in Houston are ever the same.

Don’t let the insurance company turn you into another victim—you were already a victim of a truck accident in Houston. To establish who was at responsible for your truck accident, you will need assistance.

Commercial trucks, which may weigh up to 80,000 pounds, crash with smaller passenger cars and inflict severe damage and casualties.

Losses suffered by Houston truck accident victims often include the following:

  • Medical costs – Serious injuries may necessitate prolonged treatments, which might lead to hefty medical costs. Emergency transportation, trauma treatment, surgeries, hospitalization, intensive care unit time, rehabilitation therapies, follow-up visits, medical equipment, medicine, home health help, and other services may be necessary for certain truck accident victims. Even small accidents might result in thousands of dollars in hospital expenditures due to the high cost of healthcare.
  • Lost revenue and lost earning potential – Many people have their work schedules disrupted after a truck accident. If you need to be hospitalized or recuperate from surgery, you might have to leave work in order to obtain the care you require. Even skipping work to attend a doctor’s visit might cost you that shift’s income.
  • Pain and suffering – Also referred to as intangible losses, injuries from truck accidents can cause both physical and emotional pain and suffering, which can significantly disrupt your life. Additionally, certain severe injuries might leave you with lasting impairments, disfigurements, or disabilities that can drastically reduce the enjoyment of your remaining years.
  • Future losses – When you file a truck accident claim, your medical care could still be in progress or you might not have started working again. In addition to damages already suffered, an experienced truck accident law company will be able to evaluate all potential losses for you.

The attorneys of Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers in Houston have a broad perspective. We are aware that a truck accident has catastrophic repercussions for every aspect of your life, and we are aware of the best ways to properly represent you and obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your claim.

Our law office has assisted Houston trucking accident victims and their families for more than 20 years. We are aware that investing your time and effort in healing and rebuilding your life is a better use of both. That is why we put out great effort to relieve you of your legal difficulties. To get you the most money possible, we battle trucking firms, negotiate with insurance companies, and thoroughly examine your accident.

After a devastating collision with an 18-wheeler or large rig, there is a reason why so many wounded Houston truck accident victims pick our legal office to defend them.

Why Pick Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Houston?

In our field of business, we keep track of a lot of expenditures, but we also recognize that certain things are valuable, such as the time and confidence of each and every individual who seeks our assistance.

You can trust the legal experts you deal with when you contact Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers. While some lawyers are reliable strategists, we go over and beyond to put the needs of our clients first.

We understand the shockwaves that even the smallest incidents may have in a person’s personal and professional life.

After a traumatic truck accident, we help you get the compensation you deserve by openly outlining your alternatives and swiftly addressing your worries. This might entail bringing a truck accident lawsuit in Houston.

The top 18-wheeler accident lawyer will have a track record of favorable settlements and a thorough understanding of commercial transportation legislation. Our Houston personal injury lawyers have a great deal of expertise with catastrophic vehicle accident claims as well as automobile and truck accidents.

Houston truck accident injury victims may count on us to fight for the compensation they are due. In collaboration with you, we can:

  • connect you to the services you require, such as rental cars or medical care
  • take care of submitting your truck accident claim and all associated papers
  • assemble crucial proof to support your claims.
  • play hardball with the insurance adjusters of the transportation businesses
  • advise you of your rights and how to exercise them

What Leads to Houston Semi Truck Accidents?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Texas has, for at least 11 years running, had the highest annual rate of fatal commercial vehicle accidents of any state. What are the primary reasons for truck collisions?

  • Speeding – Although everyone has obligations to meet at work, truck drivers should never hurry. Since semi trucks need more space to stop completely than other vehicles, they really need to drive much more cautiously than the ordinary motorist.
  • Distracted driving and multitasking: Truck drivers can be tempted to stop for a snack, make a phone call, mess with their radios, or use their mobile devices due to the lengthy routes and little windows of time. But when a truck driver is multitasking behind the wheel, their focus is not where it should be—on the road ahead. A little automobile and a large truck crash because the drivers were not paying attention, and chaos ensues. The FMCSA has fines of up to $2,750 and license suspension as possible penalties for texting while driving a commercial truck. The FMCSA based its tight prohibition on texting for truck drivers on studies that show such drivers are 23 times more likely to cause an accident.
  • Drunk driving or drug use: According to the Texas Department of Transportation, alcohol was a factor in over 1,600 collisions in a single year, resulting in up to 708 injuries. The maximum blood alcohol content (BAC) for truck drivers is.04 percent, according to the FMCSA. The limit for other drivers is.08%. This tougher threshold is necessary since operating a commercial vehicle is already riskier than operating a car.
  • Poor road conditions include more than simply inclement weather. Although Houstonians often remark that the city’s roads are perpetually under construction, truck accidents can also be caused by inadequate signage, roadwork personnel, bad design, or incorrect road maintenance.
  • incorrect freight loading The weight of a typical automobile is around 4,000 pounds. A fully loaded semi-truck, however, might weigh as much as 80,000 pounds! To assist control this weight, the FMCSA has established guidelines for cargo securement. If these regulations and weight restrictions are not adhered to, trucks may become ungainly or out of balance. Trucking businesses frequently employ independent cargo loaders who might be held liable in the event of a cargo spill.
  • Blind spots: The blind spots on larger cars are larger. The massive size of trucks limits the visibility of their drivers. So how can you know whether you’re outside of a trucker’s “no zone”? A truck should not be driven parallel to unless it is absolutely required. If you can, move over or follow them in your car.
  • Truck components with flaws – Dangerous equipment has flaws. Every time a commercial vehicle arrives back from a job or leaves one, it needs to be fully examined, but trucking firms occasionally forget this duty. A major collision could be brought on by a faulty truck component.
Houston trucking accident Attorney

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