How fast can a Rhino run? The top running speed of Rhinos

How fast can a rhino run

Do you have any information about how fast can a rhino run? I am sure you don’t have complete knowledge of how fast a rhino can run. In this article, you will get complete information about rhino running speed.

Rhinos are the oldest group of mammals. They play an important role in their habitat and in countries like Namibia. These rhinos are a vital source of income for ecotourism.

Rhinos run between 40 and 55 km/h (225-34 mph). The black rhino runs fast from all the other rhinos. But the question is, how can such a big creature reach this speed? They move forward on their muscular rear legs, despite being shaped like tanks. They will run on their toes when they reach high speeds.

Rhinos live throughout Southern Asia and Sub Sahara Africa. The top speed of a rhino is 50 km per hour.

How fast can a rhino run? Running speeds of rhinos

Here are the top speeds of rhinos

Indian Rhinos

Indian and Sumatran rhinos, respectively known as Rhinoceros unicornis and Sumatran rhinoceros, are capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h). Indian rhinos have been calculated to go at 34 mph (55 km/h).

White Rhinos

The largest rhinos are white rhinos (Ceratotherium simum). They had a top speed of 25–31 mph (40–50 km/h).

Black Rhinos

The fastest rhino species are thought to be black rhinos ( Diceros bicornis). Their maximum speed is 55 km/h (34 mph).

Here are the top speeds of rhinos
Indian Rhinos34 mph (55 km/h)
White RhinosThey had a top speed of 25–31 mph (40–50 km/h).
Black RhinosTheir maximum speed is 55 km/h (34 mph)

Why do rhinos choose to run?

Rhinos mostly decide to charge when they get familiar with a threat. The eyesight of rhinos is not too good therefore they may assume trees and mountains as a threat.

Rhinos also run when they feel endangered. This refers to escaping from predators, particularly large cats like Asian or African tigers or lions. Sadly, doing so also entails escaping the biggest threat rhinos currently face unlawful poaching.

Rhinos also run to pursue inferiors or more subservient rhinos, especially the dominating bulls. As a result, the meek rhinos frequently retreat to protect their delicate hindquarters from being gored. Rhinos are not for running long distances, but black rhinos may run up to 1.6 km/h

The fastest rhino in the world

Talking about the fastest running rhino, the black rhino is the one that runs and covers a long distance of 1.6km/h which other rhinos are not noted yet to do so whether it is an Indian rhino or white one.

The Key Differences Between Black and White Rhino
Black Rhino Speed55 km per hour
White Rhino Speed50 km per hour
The white rhino has a square upper lipBlack can be distinguished by browsers
White rhinos weigh up to 2500 kilogramsThe black rhino can hardly weigh 1000 kilograms

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Black rhinos are smaller than the two African species of rhinos. The difference between white and black rhinos is their lips. The white rhino has a square upper lip while the black can be distinguished by browsers, not grazers. Their lips help them to feed on leaves and bushes of trees. They have two horns, with a third, smaller posterior horn appearing sporadically.

At the hands of European hunters, the population of black rhinos dramatically declined in the 20th century. A devastating 98% decline in black rhino numbers, to less than 2500, occurred between 1960 and 1995. Since that time, the species has recovered dramatically from the verge of excitation.

Black rhino numbers have risen from a historic low 20 years ago to roughly 5,500 now because of ongoing conservation efforts across Africa. However, the black rhino is still critically endangered. Several efforts are being made to bring the number of black rhinos back to what it was once. Poaching and rhino horn trafficking, in this case, continue to plague the species and jeopardize its recovery due to wildlife crime. Large blocks of land are created for conservation purposes. Thanks to the protection of black rhinos,

White rhinos are significantly larger than black ones. They have a long body and a barrel. On the other hand, black rhinos are sturdier, shorter, and more compact. Black rhinos can run 55 km per hour, which adds them to the fastest rhino category, while white rhinos run 50 km per hour.

Black vs white rhino speed differences

Black and white rhinos are found in Africa mostly.

The question may hit your mind: why do I always see gray rhinos or think of the grey ones? The existing types of rhinos are grey. Some conclude that the name “white rhino” came from the African word “wired” to differentiate between the upper lip of the white and the hooked lip of the black rhino. The easiest way to distinguish between both species of rhinos is their lips.

But there are some other differences as well which differentiate both the rhinos from one another.

Body shape

Black rhinos are significantly smaller than white rhinos. The body of a white rhino is barrel-shaped. Adult white rhinos weigh up to 2500 kilograms. Whereas black rhino can hardly weigh 1000 kilograms. In contrast to lack rhinos, which have bacs with a deep arch, white rhinos have relatively flat backs with a bulge in the lower section of their bodies.

Mouth shape

The greatest difference between the species of rhinos is their mouths and lips. The fact that the disparity results from various eating choices have not been acknowledged. Because white rhinos graze, their large flat lips are ideal for this. They use grip and tear the grass for feeding.

Instead, black rhinos get their food from branches and trees. Therefore their lip shape has turned into a pointed lip. This is to be able to grab branches off the trees.

The head

The body shape of these two species is also affected by their diet. White rhinos have small eyes and weakened necks because they get food from the grass. So they do not have to raise their head for feeding. This is the reason white rhinos prefer to keep their head downwards.

Comparatively black rhinos keep their head upwards to get feed from the trees and branches.

The ears

Observing the ears of both species of rhino, you will get to know that yes, nature does exist. White rhinos have poor vision and keep their heads down. For this reason, they need to keep their ears safe. White rhinos are very long and tubular.

On the other hand, black rhinos are less dependent on their ears because their eyesight is superior to that of white rhinos. Due to this, black rhinos develop smaller, rounded ears.


We hope that this article has been helpful for you to know about the differences between black and white rhinos, the species of the rhinos, and answer the question that how fast can a rhino run. Don’t forget to share your knowledge and feedback with us. Thank you.

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How fast can a Rhino run? The top running speed of Rhinos

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