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sheraxii tweets

Muhammad Sheraz, URDU (محمد شیراز) pseudonym “Sheraxii Tweets” Born ( 7th of January 2000 – Quetta Balochistan)


Muhammad Sheraz, commonly known by his pseudonym name “Sheraxii” social media name “Sheraxii tweets”, is a social icon who earned fame through various social websites and applications such as Facebook and Instagram.  Muhammad Sheraz has not only achieved fame for his activities on social media but rather also his active participation in various charity works. 

Muhammad Sheraz was born on January 7th, 2000 in Quetta, Balochistan, but his roots belong to the Afridi tribe of the Pashtun ethnic group located mostly in the northwest of Pakistan.

Biography Of Sheraxii Tweets

Muhammad Sheraz (Sheraxii Tweets)
NameMuhammad Sheraz
Date of BirthJanuary – 7th – 2000
Birth Place Quetta, Balochistan
Age23(as per 2023)
Weight 77 – Kg
Hight5 feet, 9 inches
Favorite CitiesKarachi, Islamabad
Marital statusSingle
EducationMasters in English
Social Media ProfilesHandles
Twitter i_mAfridi
FaceBookSheraxii Tweets
InstagramSheraxii Tweets
Social Profiles
sheraxii tweets
sheraxii tweets
sheraxii tweets
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Sheraxii tweets
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sheraxii tweets


He began his academic carrier at local schools. He matriculated and completed his secondary education from an English medium school “Cambridge Secondary School Quetta”. Later, Sheraz obtained his higher secondary education (intermediate) from Tameer e Nau public college Quetta. Unlike many of young people of Baluchistan, Sheraz didn’t put a full stop to his education. He continued pursuing his education and got himself enrolled at the University of Balochistan and graduated with excellence. He has done his master’s in English from the University of Balochistan.


Throughout his academic career, Muhammad Sheraz was a helping hand to many people around him. According to his friends, peer groups, and class fellows, he was a humble, kind, polite, selfless, and helpful person. He respected the elders and was the source of inspiration for those younger than him. Inspiring the youth of a backward area towards education and intellectual enlightenment is indeed an achievement. 

Favorite Sport – Hobby

Young Sheraz was drawn towards cricket sports from his childhood. He held to be an active follower and a hardcore fan of Pakistani cricket superstar boom-boom “Shahid Khan Afridi” one of the greatest all-rounder player that the world has witnessed. He played cricket copying the tactics of his ideal, above-mentioned star player.

Social Works – Aim

Muhammad Sheraz is looking forward to work in collaboration with SAF also known as Shahid Afridi Foundation to help and uplift the deprived part of humanity. By his fame, he will prove to be beneficial in spreading awareness about the foundation among youth especially his followers by mentioning it on different social platforms such as Facebook.

Music Interest

Sheraz is fond of Pushto cultural music. As every Pashtun, he possesses a nationalistic spirit, and what ignites his feelings for his nation is the cultural music. The verses of Ghani Khan, nature of Pushto lyrics, the call to uplift the nation, the pride of language and culture, the spirit to sacrifice, the music of Rabab and Mangi brings joy and causes immense pleasure and ecstasy upon Sheeraz. 

Political Views

A new political wave of the need for change by political leader Imran Khan inspired Sheeraz from a very young age. Just like millions of youth in Pakistan, Sheeraz was tired from the conventional Pakistani political system. Muhammad Sheeraz is a patriot, looking for the betterment of his country and opting for those options that will lead Pakistan towards betterment. He was attracted by the outstanding personality of Imran Khan and his honesty, dedication and passion to clean up Pakistan from the corrupt politicians and political systems. 

Sheraz became Sheraxii by his active use of social media(Sheraxii tweets). The purpose of his social media activities is to make people enjoy and forget about the harsh realities of life at least for a while. He is famous and known for his comic memes. And spreading smiles is also an act of charity. He is quite famous on Facebook, his official page goes highly popular and is recommended to visit.

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Muhammad Sheraz – Sheraxii tweets Biography
Photo ofMuhammad Sheraz
Muhammad Sheraz
(Sheraxii tweets)
Social Media Influencer
Quetta ,
Balochistan, Balochistan, 87800

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  1. Glad to know about the talented youngster who is gleaming from Balochistan. I anticipate optimistic and revolutionary success by utilizing this social media fame in the right way.

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