Taylor Swift Film Is Being Screened in Israel, Contrary to Online Post

Taylor Swift Film Is Being Screened in Israel,

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While some celebrities responded to the Israel-Hamas war with statements, a social media video circulated a false report that pop star Taylor Swift had stopped showing her new movie in Israel. However, it was showtime schedule technical issues that gave the impression that screenings were not available in Israel. The movie is still being screened in Israel.

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Celebrities have publicly expressed their support for Israelis and concern for the people living in Gaza during the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which started on October 7 when the Palestinian militant group attacked Israel.

Citing the Gaza Health Ministry, the Associated Press reported on November 6 that over 10,000 Palestinians had died, and approximately 1,400 Israelis had perished. The majority of the Israelis killed in the surprise attack by Hamas on October 7 were civilians, according to the AP, but the Gaza health ministry “does not distinguish between fighters and civilians.”

As we’ve previously reported, the dispute has sparked a social media firestorm of false information, and the online allegations have recently brought attention to one of America’s most well-known cultural figures.

On November 6, a video of the singer-songwriter’s concert tour was shared on Instagram with the caption, “Taylor Swift Pulls Eras Film Screenings In Israel.” Rivet Soro, a celebrity news vlogger, narrates the Instagram video. “Looks like Taylor Swift has pulled ‘Eras’ tour screenings in Israel until further notice,” Soro comments in the video. There have been over 6,800 likes on the post.

A screenshot from the movie’s official website that appears when a user searches for showings in Israel is shared by Soro in the video. It reads, “All screenings for this country are postponed until further notice.”

Many commenters supported Swift, stating they thought Soro’s post was accurate. Tay, great job!,” one user commented.

However, the assertion is untrue. According to the entertainment news website TMZ, showtime schedules, which are run by a third party company, appeared to be unavailable in Israel due to technical issues rather than a political statement. Many results for screenings in Israel are currently displayed on the website.

Interviews with Israeli Swift fans who saw the movie in Jerusalem over the weekend were published in a Jerusalem Post article published on November 6. The website claimed that screenings had been postponed in Israel, but in reality, they had not stopped.

We couldn’t get in touch with Swift’s representatives to get a response.

Both sides of the dispute have put pressure on Swift to speak up. Some of Swift’s followers have started utilizing the hashtag #SwiftiesForPalestine on X, the website that was formerly known as Twitter, according to a Newsweek report. Swift has been urged to demand the release of an Israeli hostage who is a fan of the pop star by the official X account for the state of Israel.


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Taylor Swift Film Is Being Screened in Israel, Contrary to Online Post

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