We are proud to present to you our definitive guide to the best books by Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen is an American author known for his satirical and humorous crime novels. His books often feature a cast of eccentric characters, bizarre plot twists, and a biting critique of the excesses and follies of modern society. Hiaasen’s novels are beloved by fans of crime fiction, humor, and social commentary, and he has won many awards for his work, including the prestigious Newbery Honor.

Here are the top books by Carl Hiaasen that every fan of his work should read:

  1. “Tourist Season” “Tourist Season” is Hiaasen’s first novel and still considered by many to be his best. It tells the story of a deranged eco-terrorist who is targeting the tourists who flock to Florida every year, and the journalist who is determined to stop him. With its fast-paced action, biting wit, and environmental themes, “Tourist Season” is a must-read for any fan of crime fiction and Hiaasen’s unique brand of humor.
  2. “Skin Tight” “Skin Tight” is a hilarious and twisted crime novel that revolves around a plastic surgeon named Dr. Rudy Graveline, who is being stalked by a former patient who blames him for ruining her life. The plot is filled with bizarre twists and turns, and the characters are as eccentric and memorable as any in Hiaasen’s oeuvre.
  3. “Strip Tease” “Strip Tease” is a darkly humorous satire of American politics and the media. The novel centers on a stripper named Erin Grant, who is fighting to regain custody of her daughter from her abusive ex-husband, a corrupt congressman. With its sharp social commentary and memorable characters, “Strip Tease” is one of Hiaasen’s most beloved and widely read books.
  4. “Lucky You” “Lucky You” is a riotous satire of the American dream, focusing on a hapless loser named JoLayne Lucks who wins the lottery, only to have her ticket stolen by a pair of dim-witted criminals. The ensuing chase for the ticket is filled with hilarious twists and turns, and the novel is a biting critique of the greed and excess of modern society.
  5. “Sick Puppy” “Sick Puppy” is a hilarious and biting environmental satire that centers around a corrupt land developer named Palmer Stoat, who is building a luxury development on an ecologically sensitive piece of land. The novel is filled with eccentric characters, hilarious situations, and a sharp critique of the greed and selfishness that often drives environmental destruction.
  6. “Stormy Weather” “Stormy Weather” is a wild and hilarious satire of Florida and its residents in the aftermath of a hurricane. The novel features a cast of eccentric characters, including a lovelorn TV weatherman, a pair of bumbling criminals, and a corrupt building inspector, all of whom are struggling to survive in the aftermath of the storm.

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In conclusion, Carl Hiaasen is a unique and talented author who has left an indelible mark on the world of crime fiction and social commentary. His books are beloved by readers all over the world, and we hope that this guide has helped you discover or rediscover his amazing works. Whether you’re a

We are proud to present to you our definitive guide to the best books by Carl Hiaasen
the best books by Carl Hiaasen

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