Top 10 most corrupt politicians in the world

Top 10 corrupt politicians in the world

The different religions followed all around the world teach the lesson of kindness and honesty. The first step to success is, to be honest with yourself, your work, and others. Still, there are some disloyal people too, who don’t cheat others but themselves indirectly. Today’s article is about the top 10 corrupt politicians in the world. 

The leader of the country is considered a role model for the public. People watch all the actions of their leader, whether they are right or wrong. They do the right actions and decisions but also speak against the wrong things. The eyes of the public are always on their political leader if he is corrupt or honest. We are now going to introduce you to the top 10 most corrupt politicians in the world. 

10 most corrupt politicians in the world: 

1. Nawaz Sharif 

Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified by the SC because they found that Nawaz Sharif was not Sadiq and Amin (honest and kind) but what was Nawaz Sharif accused of? The supreme court of Pakistan cost the chair of Nawaz Sharif in 2017. However, another SC ruling brought his brother Shabazz Sharif into power in 2022. Now his brother is trying to present him as a non-corrupt politician in front of his people. 

Pakistan federal interior minister Rana Sana Ullah said to remove the sentence of corruption from Ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif and announce him noncorrupt in all the courts. 

2. Joseph Estrada 

Joseph Estrada was the former president of the Philippines. Before he had been officially elected as president, he used the circumstances of poverty to build a ”land of belief”. For him, it was the best way to gain power by supporting middle-class people. That was how he tried to gain the votes of the majority of middle-class people so that the higher classes could recognize him as the perfect and only president for them to be in the future, one who doesn’t discriminate against class and is equal to all. But the shame of corruption was lying behind his good intentions, which had hidden his bad intentions, and he got elected as the president of the country. 

Joseph is now on the top list of the most corrupt politicians in the world. The president first tried his fate in the career of acting and that’s why many people believed he could be the best for them. Especially his die-heart fans. He was corrupt even before his presidency. And all the Philippines were upset to see their hope dying in front of them. Joseph had been brought to books and accused. It is believed that he has been doing corruption of almost 80 million dollars in his dealings.  

3. Simundur David Gunnlaugsson

Simundur was the first young prime minister of Iceland. He is also on the ranking of the world’s corrupt politicians. He retired from his sat in 2016. 

4. Arnoldo Aleman 

It is a huge honor for any man to be the 81st president of any country. The title of the president simply means the head of the nation and leader of the whole country. However, some people do not respect the nobility, respect, and integrity of being a presidential figure. They try to abuse and abuse the power and privilege handed over to them by the state. But people like Arnoldo do not understand the importance of the chair and play with the feelings of the public for their own gain, never fulfilling a desire to become the richest. They forget that they are under oath. 

Before the presidency, Aleman had studied and practiced law. Therefore his oath and promise towards his country, law, and people shall have been stronger than anyone else. We could have credited him for being a good lawyer but seeing him in the costume of a corrupt president is painful. It was quite an impressive and prosperous career development in business and politics. And it was an ideal route to receive a 20-year prison sentence for corruption after embezzling more than 100 million USD from the Nicaragua treasury. 

5. Petro Poroshenko

Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko is the president of Ukraine. He is a corrupt political figure in the country. He is known for being the destroyer of the economy of Ukraine. He did corruption of almost 3 Billion USD according to accountability Bearue. 

6. Pavlo Lazarenko

Each of the new corrupt individuals sets up a trend to make way for his corruption. It has now become a competition between politicians for stealing the highest amount of people’s money. It is stupid and amazing s well, more than that it is surprising. How can someone think so negatively all the time? They do place their name in the history of the world but in the wrong section. 

Pavlo had been so intelligent in doing unlawful acts and corruption not even being the president but only a prime minister. The strategy of Pavlo was to divert the mind of the president so he could do the best and easy way of corruption. He took 200 billion USD against the law of the office. 

7. Kim Jong UN

Kim Jong has been the president of North Korea. He too is a corrupt politician that is the reason he has been added to the list of top 10 corrupt politicians in the world. 

8. Alberto Fujimori

He is the former president of Peru. His mindset is as clever as his funny name. The amount he corrupted was staggering. In this case, a non-corrupt politician is not uncommon. But some are more intelligent in their corruption career to milk out as much amount as possible. He had been noticed and considered a sharp and active man due to his Asian identity. 

The corruption of Alberto went over the head of the nation during his presidential period. It is not all about talking in a polite manner or going out in polished boots or being in the company of upper-class people. He had been involved in kidnapping and murder cases. He corrupted an amount almost equal to 600 million USD.

9. David Cameron

David Cameron was the Ex-prime minister of the United Kingdom. He is the most corrupt politician of his time for many reasons. 

10.Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

He was the president of the United Arab Emirates. He is also on the top list of the most corrupt politicians in the entire world. He left 150 billion USD in the treasury. 

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Top 10 most corrupt politicians in the world

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